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Unicorn Finder

Accelerator program for Seed/Early stage startups

Unicorn Finder Bootcamp

Seed stage investment & mentoring & R&D, public funding

We invests 100K in seed-stage companies and provides 1:1 mentoring for 3 months by linking various partners and programs. We provide credit guarantees and networking opportunities of up to 1M$ in cooperation with corporate associations and public financial institutions such as KODIT and KITA in Korea. In particular, we support companies that have invested in connection with the TIPS R&D program to secure additional R&D support funds of up to 800K$.


Launchpad pilot 2024

Market tapping for Korean startups into global


Launchpad Pilot 2024, as known as 'Overseas PoC(Proof of Concept)' is a program that has an aim to provide startups with opportunities to demonstrate their PoC with large-scale global enterprises, supporting them to localize their items to the local market and their scale-up.

Startups shall receive a comprehensive support for PoC from customized consulting for coopoeration demand idetification and matching, meetings with large-scale global enterprises and roadshows.

Unicorn Finder Basecamp

Market tapping for global startups into Korea/Asia

This is a program that explores the possibility of targeting the Korean-based market for global companies that must enter the Asian market among early stage companies. It lasts for 3 months and consists of strategic advice, market research reports, online/offline 1:1 mentoring, and meetings with Korean investors. In particular, it is a program that reviews strategies to form joint ventures through cooperation with listed companies and large companies in Korea, and helps attract investment and team building after the establishment of a Korean corporation.

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Partners & Clients

Program partners with Bigbang Angels

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