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Image by National Cancer Institute

Unicorn Finder Launchpad BIG3 2020-21

This program is a global growth support program for Meditech startups jointly operated by Sungkyunkwan University and Big Bang Angels with the support of the Korean government's Ministry of SMEs and Startups. The program provides Korean Meditech startups with sessions to explore the possibility of discovering joint research opportunities with Singapore NUH (NUS) and CGH, which can be recognized in North America (FDA) and Europe (EMA). In addition, for entry into the US market, we provide 1:1 sessions with local experts to advise on how to enter the North American market with Vancouver-based universities in Canada or universities and partners in Boston, USA.


Ministry of SMEs and Startups

Korean government ministry for SMEs and Startups


Sungkyunkwan University

Top University in Korea, Seoul


Bigbang Angels

Top cross-border accelerator across Asia

Image by Nik Shuliahin

Participating Companies for USA

Well-funded, product ready startups in Korea, targeting to North America



Seed C

Ubiquitous Genomic Biosensor Platform 

Genomic Digital Healthcare Platform-based on our proprietary 3D-sensor technology which is accurate, affordable, ultra-fast, and portable.

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Series B

Visualize the microscopic world of life in vivo

Providing kits and services for cancer diagnosis and personalized anti-cancer drug matching and re-monitoring through NGS-based multi-genetic analysis of cancer-derived DNA (ctDNA) in the blood - Digital biopsy

이미지 제공: Swapnil Bapat

Participating Companies for SEA

Well-funded, product ready startups in Korea, targeting to SEA through Singapore


SMD Solutions

Pre-Series A

COMORAL is the only mouthwash capable of spraying and suctioning cleaning fluids and has a variety of product lines such as trachea, multi-person, and personal use.



Series A

Quantifiable Genetic Liquid Biopsy Diagnostic Platform Based on Nano Raman Technology (Cancer, Dementia, Infective Diseases)

Raman spectroscopy-based molecular diagnostic platform using dielectric material



Series A

Optimizing the process of precision diagnosis & treatments focused on kidney

A platform that provides actionable insights to help prevent progressive kidney function decline in patients.



Series A

Innovationof Molecular Diagnostic Platform

Below $10
•No PCR Machine (IsothermalPCR, LAMP)
•Hot Pack (Disposable)
•No Reader (No flurorescence)

gif (2).gif



On-Demand Gas Plasma Sterilization

To run a sterilization cycle, a dedicated consumable is required STERLINK: the fastest sterilizer in the world. Plasmapp has a sales network in 49 countries now.

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Series A

CAI Depth of Anesthesia monitoring system

We have differentiated competitiveness by developing our own product that shows Depth of Anesthesia of patients, using its technology and algorithm.

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Series A

Advanced liquid biopsy technology for cancer detection & monitoring

We detect and analyze the genomic profile of tumor DNA with a single draw of blood. With this comprehensive profile, we provide personalized and optimized analysis information that can be utilized in therapy selection and monitoring. 

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Series C

Gene checker PCR platforms for POS molecular testing 

It is a biotech engineering company specializing in molecular testing platforms to target on-site testing needs.  Genesystem has been successfully running partnerships with molecular testing assay manufacturers. 

이미지 제공: Kyle Glenn

Participating Companies for the Global Market

Well-funded, product ready startups in Korea, targeting to the global market

iOS 이미지.png

Cybernetics Imaging Systems

Series A

DIHM, Autoscope, pathology analysis software

AI-based ultra-high resolution digital pathology scanner system. Our DIHM WSI can secure 3D stereoscopic images of the position and pattern of fluorescently-labeled factors using transparent tissue, and there is almost no limitation on the type of sample.

gif (7).gif

Heim Biotek


miRNA detection and analysis technology

By using the unique bidirectional stretching technology, the original technology of Heim Biotek, it is possible to accurately distinguish homozygote and heterozygote simultaneously with one experiment.

gif (8).gif

Medy Sapiens

Series A

AI based rare disease detection technology

We have NGS panel and large-capacity genome analysis platform designed to detect mutations in rare genetic diseases.

iOS 이미지 (1).png


Series A

Laser blood collection device and excimer phototherapy device 

We have core technology for miniaturization of laser equipment, and based on this, we are engaged in the development/production/sale of medical and beauty laser equipment.

gif (10).gif


Series A

Automatic cardiac MRI image analysis software 

Our software "Myomics" is designed to be able to distinguish between normal and abnormal at a glance by automatically analyzing cardiac image-biomarkers with compatibility.

gif (11).gif


Series A

Fully automatic all-in-one system capable of performing fast and accurate immunoassays

In addition to VEUS system, uur magnehtic particles show hundreds of micron rod and they are available for multiplex assays with different lengths of magnetic particles.

iOS 이미지 (3).png



New concept of drug infusion pump that does not need distinction between Infusion & Syringe

We are producing ACPi (Automated Anti-Cancer drug Preparation and Infusion), an international patented technology.

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3D Controls

Series A

Cartridge-type metal 3D printing

We have the technology to make 20 to 30 ceramic teeth at a time through a 3D printer.

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