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Unicorn Finder Basecamp NIPA 2021

Unicorn Finder Basecamp Model

This program is an inbound program operated in partnership with NIPA (National IT Industry Promotion Agency). In order to lead Korea as a hub in the Asian market, it is a program that selects promising global startups and helps them settle their business in Korea. We have been running customized program to have more partnership in Korea.


Promoting the Korean ICT industry and contributing to the world’s ICT development by implementing various International ICT cooperation projects

Platform for Technological Innovation and Growth of SMEs and Startups


Bigbang Angels
Early stage VC and Top Startup Accelerator in Korea

Top cross-border accelerator across Asia


Promising Global Startups


NDR Medical

Series A

Developing an AI powered Image-guided Interventional robotic system that empowers clinicians to perform early stage biopsy and ablation(treatment)


Aevice Health


Wearable stethoscope designed to provide continuous and longitudinal data to healthcare professionals and users, helping to further research and enable development of management plans that better impact Chronic Respiratory Diseases


Bento Lab


Bringing the sequencing workflow to the field, and testing the DNA samples on site. Bento Lab contains all of the tools for portable PCR, and fits into your hand luggage.

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A disruptive and novel solution digitizing the building assessment process, 
providing inevitable safety, absolute accuracy, and operational efficiencies.

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