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Unicorn Finder Basecamp NIPA 2021

Unicorn Finder Basecamp Model

This program is an inbound program operated in partnership with NIPA (National IT Industry Promotion Agency). In order to lead Korea as a hub in the Asian market, it is a program that selects promising global startups and helps them settle their business in Korea. We have been running customized program to have more partnership in Korea.


National IT Industry Promotion Agency

Promoting the Korean ICT industry and contributing to the world’s ICT development by implementing various International ICT cooperation projects

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Unicorn Finder Launchpad Boost Startup 2021

Unicorn Finder Launchpad Model

We surround you with a dense network of partners – from hospitals to world-leading research institutes, from regulation, reimbursement and intellectual property experts to multinational corporations, from product development firms to investors and more.



Supported by the Incheon Metropolitan City and the Central Government (Ministry of SMEs, Ministry of Science and ICT, etc.)

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Unicorn Finder Launchpad KISIA 2021

Unicorn Finder Launchpad Model

​1:1 mentoring | Team development
Investor readiness | Unrivaled network
across Asia Pacific

Embedded in the cyber security Actuator™ ecosystem, you’ll radically advance your technology development, 

build critical business and management skills.


Ministry of Science and ICT

Ministry of Science and Technology Information and Communication

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Unicorn Finder Launchpad BIG3 2020

This program is a global growth support program for Meditech startups jointly operated by Sungkyunkwan University and Big Bang Angels with the support of the Korean government's Ministry of SMEs and Startups. The program provides Korean Meditech startups with sessions to explore the possibility of discovering joint research opportunities with Singapore NUH (NUS) and CGH, which can be recognized in North America (FDA) and Europe (EMA). In addition, for entry into the US market, we provide 1:1 sessions with local experts to advise on how to enter the North American market with Vancouver-based universities in Canada or universities and partners in Boston, USA.


Ministry of SMEs and Startups

Korean government ministry for SMEs and Startups

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