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Unicorn Finder Launchpad Boost Startup 2021

Unicorn Finder Launchpad Model

We surround you with a dense network of partners – from hospitals to world-leading research institutes, from regulation, reimbursement and intellectual property experts to multinational corporations, from product development firms to investors and more.


Supported by the Incheon Metropolitan City and the Central Government (Ministry of SMEs, Ministry of Science and ICT, etc.)

Platform for Technological Innovation and Growth of SMEs and Startups


Ministry of SMEs and Startups, Business Start-up Promotion Agency, Incheon City, Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority, Incheon Techno Park

The Korean version of Silicon Valley


Bigbang Angels
Early stage VC and Top Startup Accelerator in Korea

Top cross-border accelerator across Asia

Image by Hu Chen

Expanding to Southeast Asia

Well-funded, product ready startups in Korea, targeting to SEA through Singapore



Pre series A

Media & Medical Technology
Expert Group

We contribute to the growth of Intelligent surgical video research
by collecting and analyzing surgical videos and converting them into valuable and meaningful data which AI can learn and improve on them.



Series A

Innovationof Molecular Diagnostic Platform

Below $10
•No PCR Machine (IsothermalPCR, LAMP)
•Hot Pack (Disposable)
•No Reader (No flurorescence)



Series A

AI-Based Brain Image Analysis &
Non-invasive Brain Stimulation technologies

With Neurophet's expertise in neuroscience, we provide medical solutions to healthcare providers, thereby helping patients suffering from neurological diseases.



Pre series A

A smartphone is an important tool for everyone to communicate, get information, work, and play in everyday life.

Rivo is an assistive technology product for the blind and visually impaired to use the smartphone more freely. It connects and works as if it were the same smartphone.



Pre Series A

Propwave has focused on developing two items: mozip to visualize and predict the direction and price volatility of residential real estate, and mozip now to provide time-based real estate sublet services based on data accumulated in the process.




Liquid Handling Robot

unnamed-removebg-preview (1).png


Pre series A

Our company aspires to create new value by developing innovative medical devices based on advanced robotic technology to enhance human life quality.

Gait Training Robot – ADVANCE
Complex Upper & Lower Limb Rehabilitation Robot System

Gait Training Robot – PRO
Gait Rehabilitation Robot System

Gait Training Robot – STANDARD
Entry-Level Gait Rehabilitation Robot System



Pre Series A

Hedgehog, Inc., aiming to maximize the anticancer efficacy by minimizing side effects of the existing anticancer drugs and effectively suppressing hedgehog signaling, we develop new antibodies and small-molecule compound drugs to overcome drug tolerance and secure safety.

Thus, we develop anticancer drugs to secure peerless original technology and preoccupy the market.

About Pipeline

Development of First-in-class / Best-in-class antibody and synthetic new drugs for treating solid cancer

According to the planned roadmap, we carry out phased development of new antibodies and synthetic new drugs with effective power of inhibiting hedgehog signaling to treat solid cancer.

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