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Bigbang Angels Family

Online community for those of people who are coming from portfolio companies, partners, enterprises, investors

Big Bang Angels has already invested directly in various startups for 10 years, and there are institutional investors who cooperate with joint investments and follow-up investments. In addition, we have a network that cooperates with public support agencies, non-profit accelerators, and mid-sized/large companies that support startups. We have built an online community for continuous conversation with them based on Korean language, and if you would like to participate, please apply through Sign Up below.

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Across Asia Alliance

Early-stage Investor & innovation community in Asia

Across Asia Alliance is a platform between Startups, investors, and enterprises that want to share early-stage startups portfolio, by cross-board networking, programs, and investments, in the Asian market. if you want to join this community, please Sign up first below. if you already in, log in by the email you registered.

Community: About
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