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Unicorn Finder Launchpad PoC 2022

This program is an outbouding program operating in partnership with a government agency called The Korea Institute of Startups and Entrepreneurship Development, which supports enterprise development in Korea.  

To lead Korea as a hub in SEA countries, 
We do so by providing PoC programs and support catered to the growth stage of Korean startups.

We help Korean startups connect their proof of concepts with large global conglomerates through the program.


KISED: The Korea Institute of Startup and Entrepreneurship

KISED supports the growth of startup businesses & job opportunities and promotes the technology-based startups of future entrepreneurs by cultivating entrepreneurial spirit.



Early stage VC
Top cross-border accelerator across Asia


The technology-based startups of future entrepreneurs



Pre Series A

We operate direct farms nationwide that apply only our technology.

Optimizes growth data by securing and analyzing agricultural technology data accumulated in 127 locations.

-Smart farm installation current situation

1,712 cases

-Cumulative number of customers

9,185 people

-Growth compared to the previous year




Non-face-to-face sexual health screening services.
Checkit is an app with test kits and medical counseling.
Useres check STDs (sexual transmitted diseases) at home and not visit the hospital.



Seed M&A

Digitalize your contracts with Glosign

Lower your costs, save time, and elevate the customer experience

Lower 98%, Save 7.8 days 
130 Countries
130,000 Users

10,000 Companies

Built for developers, by developers

Skip the building process and integrate our API & SDK to make your contract experience more efficient.


Pre A

Discover Risk and Threat

It detects and analyzes threats
to cyber security

By collecting all network traffic
without any loss, such as a black box
equipped in an aircraft
that analyzes all accident records.

A solution that will store and reproduce full packets

Detect and eliminate all cyber threats.

Intelligent Security  
Data Loss Prevention, Smart NIDS  
Network Forensics




Global industrial drone company

joydrone is drone R&D firm currently conducting research and development for drone controllers.

Drone 3D Mapping
Drone Data Collection


Jchi global


Visible Light-Responsive photocatalysts
Hydrophobic coating
Thermal catalysts

We are focusing on joint research and development with our own research

The technology is applied to secondary products to secure functionality and
reliability. We transfer technology and know-how.




Fampro has developed a livestock health monitoring system and an artificial insemination solution based on IoT technology.

As the livestock industry grows, acquiring connectivity to the cattles is getting more important. About 1.5 billion cattles are raised over the world and the need for solutions for a small number of farmers to effectively manage large-scale cattle has increased.

FarmPlusCare, a real-time livestock monitoring service, is a service that monitors the temperature and activity of large livestock such as cattles in real time to help manage their health.

It collects the temperature and activity of cattles every 10 minutes using IoT Ear-Tag, and predicts the health of cattles, their estrus and birth timing utilizing analysis algorithms based on big data to provide real-time notification to farmers.




We contribute to the growth of Intelligent surgical video research
by collecting and analyzing surgical videos and converting them into valuable and meaningful data which AI can learn and improve on them.

The surgical videos that contains various areas of
surgical knowledge have high research values.
However, many hospitals’ surgical and endoscopy videos
are being disposed and/or neglected.




Smartphones have rapidly trended into a critical tool in our daily lives to do what was unimaginable just a few years ago. Rivo provides an opportunity for our visually impaired family, friends, and neighbors to join the journey of innovation into the future.

Operate the smartphone with Rivo's real keys

Conveniently use the smartphone kept in the pocket during outdoor activities

Make and receive phone calls, dial numbers and touch-tones

Easily type and edit the text, including punctuation marks and emoticons accurately

Switch swiftly between up to 6 devices

Use about a week on a three-hour charge

Improve the quality of life by achieving more with greater independence in daily activities

About the size of a credit card, it's simple to use on the go

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android Phones and Tablets


Cloud Hospital


Founded in Seoul, South Korea, CloudHospital is a robust online platform helping patients around the world find the best providers for their needs regardless of where they are located. We are an experienced team from around the globe with ample experience in the fields of web technology, medical practice, medical concierge services, and finance. Our mission is simple: to make it easy for everyone to find the best medical solutions anywhere in the world.

Our services, which are accessible through is available in nine languages, including English, Chinese and Russian, present the best medical hospitals and clinics, including the best respected doctors in their field of expertise. CloudHospital makes it easy to access medical care and supports you with 24/7/365 patient support.

30 Countries

449  Hospitals & Clinics

4,764 Doctors

1,286  Specialties

We have combined medicine and modern technologies to satisfy your medical care needs

We cooperate with the 250+ best hospitals and clinics in the world




Bring better healthcare
with AI

Break down barriers to
greater health equity by bridging people with AI

Enhancing the quality of medical images to transform diagnostics in Radiology

End-to-end AI Solutions in Medical Imaging

Image Reconstruction Solutions
CT de-noising, MRI acceleration
Image neutralization

Image Diagnosis Solutions
Anomaly detection in CT, MRI, X-ray

Image Generation Solutions
Privacy-preserving high-quality medical images



Pre seed

From Food Waste to Eco-Resource System 

In 2030, Biorestec will lead the eco-friendly energy source worldwide by turning food waste into eco-friendly fuel.

Biorestec has various profit structures from Food Waste to Eco-Resource systems producing solid fuel and reducing site, time, cost, and odor.

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