Financial Consultation

Unicorn Finder Bootcamp NEST 9th 2021

Unicorn Finder Bootcamp Model

Supporting very early stage Korean startups to advance their business model and IR.


Supported by Korea Credit Guarantee Fund (KODIT)

Extending credit guarantees for the liabilities of promising SMEs which lack tangible collateral


Bigbang Angels
Early stage VC and Top Startup Accelerator in Korea

Top cross-border accelerator across Asia

팀 회의

Promising startups to grow steadily

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Growing Sales

Creating business through collecting and processing the data by providing sellers with online and offline sales channel solutions

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Namdo Market

The wholesale and retail platform for Namdaemun market. Mainly targeting B2B market.

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Nori Space

Transforming your working environment  better by automatically analyzing unstructured data and business processes with NoriS Solution.

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Moca System

Mobile employee card and untact mobile access control solution


Brain Gear

Developed brain-recycling medical devices for dementia and Alzheimer's patients, and applied treatments to the product that penetrate near-infrared light sources to induce brain activation with chemical reactions within the cells

샬롯그룹 (회사로고) - Emilie Kim.png

Shallot Group

IT-based community-type global jewelry platform "Vijou Shallot"



Online cosmetic medical device brokerage platform

JchiGlobal - 제이치글로벌_오주명.png

Jchi Global

Eco-friendly solutions to protect human health from microscopic substances using visible photocatalyst technology



As a company specializing in smart livestock ICT convergence products, it develops and distributes products that contribute to animal welfare and livestock modernization to increase livestock farmers' income and produce high-quality meat without antibiotics and hormones



AI-based math education platform

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Decentralized knowledge curation solution


Honey Plug

Metaverse casual game content linked to existent services and brands